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of a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cyber Attacks are increasing Daily. Stay one step ahead of the ever-growing threat of cyber attacks. Are you ready to protect yourself?


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Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)
Cyber Security Risk Assessment

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RiskScan Assessment Tool

Utilize RiskScan for Office 365 & Active Directory to unearth High and Medium Security Risks, as well as non-compliant elements within your Microsoft Office 365 and Active Directory ecosystem.

RiskScan for Office 365

RiskScan for Active Directory

Why work with us?

Your business will be stronger when working with TekDana, check the reasons below:


Rely on a Microsoft Certified Partner and CSP/MSP

TekDana is a Cloud Certified Microsoft Service Provider. It means that when working with us you rely on a professional and transparent partner. Our members have 10+ years of experience in providing Cloud services to various companies.


We implement cloud solutions for various business models.

Being a small company, we understand the importance of flexibility. While large companies are having heavy management models, TekDana is able to provide cloud service based on a unique management model of each company we work with. Thus you are getting the highest value faster.


AgilityWe are using the latest innovations all the time

At TekDana we adapt quickly to the latest changes in Azure & Microsoft technologies and innovations. Then, we implement these innovations for our customers. As a result, the cloud environment, data security, and stability is being updated and modified every time during the working process. We implement innovations during the sprints so that our clients are up to date with the latest technology changes.

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