RiskScan for Active Directory 

What is RiskScan for Active Directory

RiskScan for Active Directory Assessment is an automated Health & Risk assessment solution to help you with Critical and High issues in Active Directory forests. A Multi-Active Directory Forests assessment solution to Uncover Active Directory vulnerabilities before attackers do. Active Directory is a primary source for Authentication and Authorization for users and business applications. Microsoft doesn't provide out-of-the-box tools that can be used to perform health & risk assessment of the Active Directory environment. Our RiskScan AD Assessment Tool can be used to perform an assessment of multiple Active Directory forests and provide an Assessment Report which includes issues and recommendations to fix the issues.

RiskScan for Active Directory Assessment is compatible with ANSSI and MITRE ATT&CK definition.
ANSSI is French National Agency for the Security of Information Systems.
For more information, please check: https://www.cert.ssi.gouv.fr/uploads/guide-ad.html.

Product benefits


Reduces Active Directory attack surface by 65%


Identify potential security issues in AD environment



Reduces Active Directory troubleshooting time

Generate an actionable report that provides recommendations to fix issues



Here are some of the features provided by RiskScan - Active Directory Assessment:

Support for Multiple Active Directory Forests

RiskScan Assessment for AD Assessment supports multiple Active Directory Forests.

Microsoft Vendor Recommendations

Assessment Tool can provide recommendations to fix the issues uncovered. The issues are categorized as Critical, High, Medium, and Low.

Four-Step Assessment

Assessment can be done quickly using 4 step approach

Ability to use Dashboard View

Once the Assessment is done, issues are highlighted in Dashboard Console for easy viewing. You can filter issues and items that have been passed

Supports adding EA Credentials

Supports both running Assessment using an EA Account or supplying EA Credentials during the assessment.

Includes Different Categories

AD Forest, AD Security & Compliance, Account Policies, DNS, Domain Controllers, Active Directory GPO, Organizational Units, Time Synchronization, Users and Groups.

Microsoft Word Report

RiskScan can generate Microsoft Word reports that can be customized

Shows Complient | Non-complient

The product can show Compliant and Non-Compliant Items for each test.


RiskScan is a ready-only product. It uses PowerShell “Get” commands to collect information from target systems. So there will be no changes to Active Directory domains.

RiskScan connects to remote Systems using Dynamic Packs and collects required information remotely

You can add unlimited Active Directory forests under RiskScan tool. However, you will need to provide Enterprise Admins credentials if you would like to perform an automated assessment.

Download RiskScan Active Directory Assessment