RiskScan for Office 365

What is RiskScan for Office 365 Assessment

RiskScan for Office 365 is an automated Security & Compliance solution to help you significantly improve your Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem security and compliance posture.
RiskScan for Office 365 follows CIS-Workbench controls/standards and other tests designed by our Office 365 experts. Services covered: MSOnline, EXO, Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, and Azure AD.


RiskScan for AD & Office 365 is compatible with CIS Benchmark Microsoft 365 Foundation.
For more information on Microsoft 365 Foundation can be found here:

Product benefits


Improves Regulatory Compliance enforcement of internal policies with comprehensive audit trails, access controls, and reporting


Increases IT efficiency by identifying impending system failures to give you more time for business-critical tasks.



Ensures health of Office 365 Services such as Teams, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Azure AD and other services

Continuous Assessment: Ensure ongoing health of Microsoft Office 365 components by performing assessment as and when needed.



Here are some of the features provided by RiskScan for Office 365 Assessment:

CIS Benchmark compatible

RiskScan Assessment for Office 365 Assessment is CIS Benchmark compatible


Supports adding multiple Customer Tenants for Assessment

Four-Step Assessment

Assessment can be done quickly using 4 step approach

Dashboard View

Shows Assessment items in a single Dashboard view for an easy identification of issues reported

Global Reader

Supports running Assessments using a Global Reader Account for your Microsoft Office 365 tenant.  No need for an elevated Global Admin account.

Manage Existing Modules

Can modify existing PowerShell scripts, Impact, and Recommendations associated with tests

Add more modules

Dynamic Framework of RiskScan allows you adding more modules on fly 

Microsoft Word Report

SmartProfiler can generate Microsoft Word reports that can be customized

Shows Risks

Can show risks (based on CIS Benchmark) associated with each test. 


RiskScan is a ready-only product. It uses PowerShell “Get” commands to collect information from target systems.

RiskScan connects to remote Systems using Dynamic Packs and collects required information.
RiskScan Assessment for Office 365 is different from Office 365 Security Score as listed below: We offer 128 checks for Office 365 in 9 categories. Office 365 Security Score cannot report on some of the issues for example Identifying mailboxes that have forwarding enabled – To prevent someone from stealing business assets. Mailboxes that do not have auditing enabled. Dir Sync conflicts and misconfiguration, Mailbox Litigation Hold test, Mailbox SPAM Test, and Exchange Online Admin Failure attempts from internal and external.

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